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It's Never Been A Better Time To Save With Solar

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Stay Powered Even In An Outage

Battery Backup

Generac Backup Batteries will store power from your Solar Panels to be used when you need it most. 

Backup Generator

The Generac Backup System also includes a propane or natural gas generator in the event of a complete power outage.

Keep The Lights On

With the Generac Backup System installed on your home you'll have power even when the sun's not available.

Preserve Your Supplies

Having backup power in an emergency means you don't lose precious food and medical supplies during a power outage.

Special Offer For Active Duty & Veteran Military Personnel

AIS Solar is thankful for your service and would like to offer active duty service members, veterans, and reserves special pricing to help them add solar power.

We’re offering $500 off a solar panel system or $1000 off if you decide to get battery storage with your system.* In addition, qualified homeowners can take advantage of our $0 out-of-pocket, 100% financing to get their solar panels installed as soon as possible. The sooner you switch, the more you can save.

*Offer available only to active duty service members, veterans, and reserves special pricing to help them add solar power. Proof of military service is required to receive discount.


What You Need To Know About Solar

The Sun's energy is abundant, free, and readily available for most homes. All you need is a solar panel system to take advantage of this free energy source.

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  • How Solar Panels Work

    Solar Panels are used to collect energy from the sun. But how do they turn the suns energy into electricity you can use in your home?

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  • Solar Installation

    How is it installed? What steps will I need to take? Everything you need to know about getting solar installed on your home.

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  • Our Solar Panels

    Our solar panels are some of the most efficient on the market. Learn why this matters, and how it helps save you money.

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