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AIS Solar is your best option for complete residential solar solutions in Virginia Beach. Our goal is to save residents money on their solar purchases. For $0 down and federal tax incentives, you can start reducing your energy bills as soon as we install your solar system. 


Our experienced solar technicians work with you every step of the way. We design the system, provide estimated energy savings, set up monitoring, and perform maintenance.


What Our Clients are Saying

Robert Goodyear
Robert Goodyear

So happy with my solar experience! The panels and battery went up yesterday, and it all looks amazing. The battery looks so cool!

Kacie was an amazing salesperson! She is knowledgeable, personable, answered all my questions and got me the best deal possible! Probably wouldn’t have gone Solar without her! Seriously the absolute best!

AIS has been great with support and customer service. Definitely better than some other sketchy solar companies in the area

Pamela McEwen
Pamela McEwen

Mr. Osbourne was fantastic! He explained everything to make it very understandable and smooth for my husband and I. His knowledge was superior. He guided us through the process seamlessly. We are very excited to receive our solar panels!
We have had other industry professionals come to our home, but we decided to place our trust with "Oz".
I highly recommend him!!!
Thanks so much!
The McEwen family

Matthew TaltonJohn Doe
Matthew TaltonJohn Doe

Amazing company to work for. They give you the tools needed, guide you through the process, and then let you get to work! Lots of leadership instead of management! Greg has 🔥 taste in shoes and Lee’s hair is unbeatable!

Kalin Williams
Kalin Williams

Omar was so wonderful to meet and did a great job walking us through the entire process. He answered all of our questions very thoroughly and was extremely knowledgeable of the product. We were not able to move forward at this time but will be reaching back out to him in the future!


Mr. Osbourne was amazing. He was able to make everything so clear and understandable for me and my wife. He was able to answer every question we had for him. I definitely recommend going Solar with AIS Solar and they’re military friendly.

What You Need To Know About Solar

The Sun's energy is abundant, free, and readily available for most homes. All you need is a solar panel system to take advantage of this free energy source.

  • Why Go Solar?

    By choosing to go solar you can reduce or eliminate your utility bill all together. Learn how you can save with solar.

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  • How Solar Panels Work

    Solar Panels are used to collect energy from the sun. But how do they turn the suns energy into electricity you can use in your home?

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  • Solar Installation

    How is it installed? What steps will I need to take? Everything you need to know about getting solar installed on your home.

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  • Our Solar Panels

    Our solar panels are some of the most efficient on the market. Learn why this matters, and how it helps save you money.

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Save Money, Help The Planet

When you install solar panels on your home, you reduce your energy expense and carbon footprint. Producing your own energy means your home is less reliant on electricity made by power plants, which have a higher environmental impact on average. By offsetting a portion of your power usage to solar, you help protect the planet. 


Additionally, solar power is a great way to hedge against price hikes from your lower utility provider. In some cases, homeowners can completely offset their energy costs for several months of the year.  

Solar panels on the roof. (Solar cell)

3-Steps to Going Solar

Step 1: Contact Us

Call or fill out a contact form to reach out to our energy consultants. They will work with you to find the best day and time to schedule your home solar consultation.

Step 2: No Obligation Consult

Meet with one of our energy consultants for free to discuss how going solar will benefit you.  

Step 3: Get Your Solar Installed

After the consultation you'll fill out the contract and get approved. Your solar installation is on it's way!


Powerwall - Backup Energy Storage

Backup Protection

Powerwall is an integrated battery system that stores your solar energy for backup protection, so when the grid goes down your power stays on. Your system detects outages and automatically recharges with sunlight to keep your appliances running for days.


Monitor and Optimize

With the Tesla app, you can monitor your solar energy in real time. Set your preferences to optimize for energy independence, outage protection or savings. Control your system from anywhere with remote access and instant alerts.

Power Everything

Every solar purchase includes Powerwall, a compact home battery that reduces your reliance on the grid by storing your solar energy for use when the sun isn’t shining. You can add additional Powerwall units to your order to further lower your carbon footprint and to prepare your home for power outages.

Modern and Compact

With easy installation and a minimalist design, Powerwall complements a variety of home styles and solar systems. The compact, all-in-one construction features versatile mounting options for indoor or outdoor spaces.

Special Offer For Active Duty & Veteran Military Personnel

AIS Solar is thankful for your service and would like to offer active duty service members, veterans, and reserves special pricing to help them add solar power.

We’re offering $500 off a solar panel system or $1000 off if you decide to get battery storage with your system.* In addition, qualified homeowners can take advantage of our $0 out-of-pocket, 100% financing to get their solar panels installed as soon as possible. The sooner you switch, the more you can save.

*Offer available only to active duty service members, veterans, and reserves special pricing to help them add solar power. Proof of military service is required to receive discount.


About AIS Solar

AIS Solar is led by a team of professional solar experts that can guide you on your solar journey. We are passionate about solar and take pride in our ability to help homeowners create clean energy while saving money. 

We are located in Virginia Beach, and install solar panel energy systems throughout the Southeast, with offices in Greensboro, NC, and Savannah, GA

Man worker in the firld by the solar panels

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions about solar panels. See our FAQ page for more.

How long will an installation take?

Our solar system installation takes between 1 to 2 days, depending on the size, location, and where we are mounting it.

How long do solar panels last?

Most solar panels last over 30 years before you need to repair or replace them. We guarantee our solar panels for 25 years with our warranty.

Do I need a battery for my solar system?

No, a battery is not necessary for your solar panel system. However, a battery backup is a great way to increase your savings by taking full advantage of the energy your solar panels produce. When your solar system creates more energy than you use during the day, you can store the excess energy in the battery and use it during peak hours or at night.

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