Why Finance Solar?

With $0 down and federal tax incentives there's never been a better time to switch to solar.

Why Finance Solar?

With $0 down and federal tax incentives there's never been a better time to switch to solar.

The AIS Program

Our financing program is built to get you into solar faster and start saving on your power bill sooner. Our financing options are built to:

  • Save You More
  • Help You Own Your Power
  • Get Started With $0 Out-Of-Pocket

More than just savings, you contribute to making this planet better for everyone by going green with the renewable energy generate by solar power.

  • Loan

    Just like owning a home, your solar loan allows you to own your power now while paying for it over time. This option is perfect for families looking to start lowering there bills now with no out-of-pocket costs.


    • $0 down payment
    • 100% financing
  • Purchase

    Own your home solar panel system and pay for it fully.

    This is great for families looking to save even more. It's also a great investment as it starts paying for itself day 1.

    • Maximize your savings by buying the solar system directly
    • Leverage a home equity loan to pay for solar which may be tax deductible.


    With the money you save on your power bill with the solar energy generated, your home solar panel system will pay for itself in no time.

  • Why You Should Not Lease

    When you lease your home solar panel system, you don't really own the power you're generating. You're just switching power providers. While this may seem like a great idea, it takes control of the system away from you, and could cause problems down the road if you ever choose to sell your home. 

    By financing or buying the system outright, you maximize your savings, can increase your home value, and maximize your return on your investment. Save more with solar today by owning your power with $0 down.

  • The Easy Choice

    Our solar energy systems are dependable, efficient and feature the latest solar technology innovations to make sure you enjoy the highest return on investment from your solar panel system.

    Backed by a 25-year solar panel warranty, the satisfaction of over 11,000 customers and the experience of over 170,000 solar panels installed, we are the #1 residential solar company over 10 states. You'll enjoy the solar panel financing we offer that makes the switch to being powered by the sun an easy one. It will fit your budget, your savings goals and your unique needs.

    Through our 1-2-3 steps to solar system installation, owning your power by adding solar has never been easier.

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