Why Finance Solar?

Worried about the cost of going solar? With our $0 out-of-pocket financing options it’s never been easier or smarter to go solar. Our financing program is built specifically to help you get solar in your home so you can save money and help our environment.


Getting a loan through our financing program offers you $0 down, 100% financing, and no pre-payment penalties. We believe that you shouldn’t have to rent your power from the utility company, that’s why our financing is designed to help you start owning your power with a home solar panel system.


Want to get the most savings out of your system from day 1? Purchasing outright may be the right choice for you. By purchasing your home solar panel system directly from us instead of financing you avoid paying interest, lowering your overall system cost, and maximizing your savings from the day your system is turned on.

Why we don’t offer leasing

We believe you should own your power just like you own your home. Through our financing and purchasing options you own your system outright and the power it generates. Companies who use leasing plans claim to sell solar energy when all they are actually doing is leasing the equipment from them.

Enjoy Your Solar Freedom

When you own your system you not only maximize your savings but may increase your property values. Leasing requires the new home buyer to qualify for the same leasing plan which puts additional constraints on being able to sell your property. If you own the system outright then you are free of those restrictions.

The AIS Program

Our financing program is built to get you into solar faster and start saving on your power bill sooner. Our financing options are built to:

  • Save You More
  • Help You Own Your Power
  • Get Started With $0 Out-Of-Pocket

More than just savings, you contribute to making this planet better for everyone by going green with the renewable energy generate by solar power.


Start Your Path To Savings With Solar Today!

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