Renewable Solar Energy At It's Finest

You can rely on our solar panels to keep your home energized even when the electrical grid is down.

Renewable Solar Energy At It's Finest

You can rely on our solar panels to keep your home energized even when the electrical grid is down.

Solar Panels Built To Last

Our solar panels have a level of efficiency and durability that exceeds industry standards. Our American-Made solar panels are backed by a 25-year-warranty.

With solar predicted to take over 60% of renewable energy growth worldwide in the next 5-years, there hasn't been a better time to go solar.


How Does Solar Energy Work?

The first step is to have the solar panels installed on your roof. Once they are installed, they begin to collect energy, but there are a few more steps before you are able to use this energy in your home.

Solar energy is collected by the panels as DC energy which only flows one way. Your home uses AC current, or energy that flows in both directions. The DC power generated by the panels must be converted before it can be used. This is why we install an energy inverter with your home solar panel system.

Net Metering - An Additional Return On Your Investment

Your home solar panel system will sometimes generate more energy that you need or are using at a given time. This process is called net metering.

The excess energy can be sent back to the power grid, turning your power meter backwards and getting you a credit on your power bill.  It allows you to use up your solar generated power, and your credits first to help reduce or even eliminate your power bill each month.


Solar Simplified

Sunlight reaches the solar panels where the absorb the rays and begin to generate electricity

The electric current then begins to flow into the inverter. This device changes the DC electricity into AC which your home uses. 

The AC electrical current begins moving from the inverter to the breaker box, where it can be used by your devices and appliances in your home. 

After your home uses the electricity it needs any excess generated moves back the utility meter and enters the electrical grid. You get a credit for the excess electricity on your power bill. If you need more than your panels can generate, the additional electricity can be pulled from the power grid. 

Solar Panel F.A.Q.

What is a solar inverter?

Solar inverters are used to turn the energy that your solar panels collect as DC energy and convert it to AC power that your home can use. 

What happens to unused energy?

Unused energy is sent back to the power grid so you can get credits on your power bill where net metering is available. 

How do solar panels work on my home?

Sunlight first hits the panels on your home. The panels then turn the sunlight into DC energy. Once the energy is collect it's turned into AC energy that your home can use via the power inverter. The power inverter allows the power to travel to the breaker box where it can then be used by the appliances and devices throughout your home. 

How does my solar system work with the grid?

Where net metering is available, the excess energy you generate can be passed through to the grid. This generates credits on your power bill. Those credits can then be used during low production hours such as at night so that you keep your bill low. 

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