How Much Does It Cost To Maintain Your Solar Panels?

Maintaining your home solar panel system is super easy with apps to track production of energy and more.

Your Solar Panels Are Designed To Last

The lifespan of a solar energy system can exceed 25-years. While the average solar panel is designed to produce 80% of its normal capacity after 20-years, our panels come with a warranty that guarantee this performance  up to 25 years.

If you live in an area with heavy winter weather such as hail or snow storms, you'll want to inspect your panels after each storm to see if any damage has been done. Snow will generally clear quickly if it has accumulated on the panels, due to the direct exposure to sunlight and the heat produced by your solar panels.

With few to no moving components in a home solar panel system, there is virtually no wear and tear on your equipment. As a result, you will have minimal, if any costs to maintain your system for many decades.



Guaranteed Performance

Your new home solar panel system is backed by our 25-Year Warranty. This includes the power performance guarantee and workmanship guarantee. The power performance guarantee means that your solar panels are guaranteed to generate at least 80% of their designed capacity even after 20 years. Often solar panels will outlast the warranty by many years giving you an even greater savings over the life of your solar panels.

The product workmanship guarantee covers your solar panels in the event of manufacturer defects or premature wear and tear on your solar panels.

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