Saving With Solar Power

Learn how to calculate your savings from switching to a home solar panel system.

How To Calculate Your Savings

Lets say your power bill right now is $200/mo., but you offset that with a solar system that generates $150 worth of power. Now your power bill is only $50/mo. And your solar rate is locked in at $150/mo. This means that when power companies raise their rates, it only affects the $50 you spend each month and not the $200 you were originally spending.

If you don’t have solar and your power company increases their rates by 10% you now pay $220/mo. With solar your bill goes from $150(solar payment) + $50(utility bill) to $150 (solar payment) + $55(utility bill). With solar your bill went up by only 25% of what you would have had to pay without solar.


You Save Even More When You Factor Rate Hikes!

If you factor that over 20 years your savings from going solar are $4,800 assuming they only raise the price once. If you look at electricity prices from 20 years ago you will see that the average rate for home electricity costs has increased by almost 50%. If they raise it another 50% in the next 20 years you could save as much as $18,000 meaning that the cost of your home solar panel system is paid for in your utility savings alone.

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